Tap2Visit User Manual


Daily view. 

If you tap a “Schedule” tab you’ll get your current day schedule.

Tap the line with the time you want to create appointment on. You’ll see new actions bar where you should select “Arrange a client” option or just tap the line one more time. “Arrange an appointment” screen will be opened. You can learn more about creating appointments here.(ссылка на запись)

When the appointment is created it will be marked in your daily and weekly schedules the same colour as the day itself. Breaks in the schedule will be shown as the grey line with the “cup” icon on it. However, you can create appointments on the breaks, too. Remember, any non-working hours can be turned into working hours and vice versa. You just have to tap the time line and select appropriate option in the actions bar.

If you open any of your offdays for the first time we will show you the tutorial containing information that you can arrange clients on any time of the offday but your clients won’t be able do it themselves.

You can enlarge your daily screen view by pinching out the schedule screen. Pinch your schedule in to make it smaller. The scale you set will be saved.

You can either swipe the screen left or right to navigate between days of your schedule.

Days bar.

You can switch schedule display mode on this bar or select another day in your schedule. If you want to change days you can simply tap them and that day’s schedule will be displayed on the screen.

You can discover the number of appointments next to each day if there are any. If you tap the ‘Today” button you will be redirected to a current day.

Weekly view. 

You can switch to this view by tapping “Day / Week” on the “Days bar”. Your calendar will change its display and you can browse your schedule by week ahead.

You can create an appointment the same way you did in the day calendar view.

«Appointments» view. You can browse created appointments by tapping the “Appointments» icon in the navigation bar. The list of your appointments will appear. They are grouped on a weekly basis. All appointments are going to take place within a week will be shown here and if there are more than one appointment that take place on a certain day they will be grouped by day. Brief information about appointments is shown here (appointment time, client name, services and price). You have to press an appointment to view its detailed information. «View and edit appointment” screen will open.

Monthly view.

You can get here if you tap the “month” button at the top left side of the screen. You can edit days in this view (change working hours and mark it as an offday) and estimate your working density for months ahead.

Basic actions in monthly view will be available if you tap any day in the schedule. Actions bar will appear on top of the tabbar revealing hidden options, i.e. mark a day as working or a an offday, open day for detailed view (“Daily view”) or edit working hours.

If you tap “Edit working hours” the new window with available working hours will be opened. You can either select one of the existing or add your new working hours scheme by selecting this option.

Change of address in the schedule.

If you have multiple addresses you can easily switch between them. Tap an “address” bar (right under the navigation bar) and select necessary address. Its schedule will be displayed. Please notice, that “address” bar will not be shown if you have only one address. You can add and delete addresses in “Profile”. You can learn more about it here.

Arranging appointment with a client.

You can arrange an appointment with a client from a “Client Info” screen and from a daily and weekly view.

If you are going to arrange a client from the “Client Info” screen tap “Arrange” and the new screen will be opened. The client you’ve selected will be displayed in the “Client” field.

If you create an appointment from the calendar (‘Schedule” tab) then the “Client” field will be empty. You should tap the time line to create a new appointment. The actions bar will be displayed where you can select “Arrange a client” or just tap the line one more time. “Time and date” field will be filled with that date and time you’ve selected.

You can modify the duration of an appointment to be created. After you tap the time slot in the schedule you can long-tap it and scroll up or down the screen. You will notice the appointment duration changed.

You can create an empty appointment as well and specify everything manually. Tap the “+” button in the navigation bar and the new “Create appointment” screen will be opened. All fields will be empty and you can edit them.

You have to fill all fields if you want so but only “Time and date” field is required.

“Select a client” field.

By tapping this field a new window will be opened. You can select from your existing clients or contacts or recent calls (the latter is only for Android devices). But, besides that you can arrange anyone, even if they are not in your clients or contacts lists. Type appropriate information in the “search” field and tap “Done” (for iOS) or select the top element of the list with information entered with a ‘New” mark (for Android). You will see the message “This contact is not in your clients list. Do you want to add them?”. You can decide whether to add them or not. If you select “Yes” the “Add a client” screen will appear, which we’ve already seen and if you select “No, thanks” the new client will be added only to the appointment rather than to your clients list.

«Address” field is displayed if you work on multiple addresses. If you have just one address it won’t be shown here. If you have multiple addresses you can select the address to create an appointment on.

In the ‘Time and date” field you can set time and date of the appointment. You can arrange an appointment with a client on any time.

„Add a service” opens your services list to select those to be added to the appointment. You can select one service multiple times. If you want to edit a certain service in a certain appointment just tap it after you’ve added it to the appointment and make changes. Changes will be applied only for this appointment. If you want to edit overall time of the appointment then tap “Overall” and make changes.

By tapping the “Arrange” button you will create a new appointment and it will appear in the “Appointments” tab. If you want to notify a client beforehand about recently created appointment (if they have not yet installed the Tap2Visit app) you can tap “Send SMS about appointment. “Create new message” screen will be opened where this client’s number will be already mentioned. If this client is already registered in Tap2Visit we will send them notification about an appointment. Even more, we’ll notify them 24 hours before an appointment as well.

Here you can call a client too. Tap “Call” to do this.

Editing an appointment.

You can edit the appointment you’ve created or rearrange it or cancel it. Tap it in the daily or weekly view of the schedule and select “Edit appointment” or “Cancel appointment” in the actions bar. You can long-press the appointment as well and drag & drop it to the available time slot in the schedule or you can tap it one more time to open it for editing.

Editing screen will be opened where you can change any information regarding this appointment (client name, time and date, services, price and duration, etc.)

You can drag and drop this appointment in the daily view to rearrange it to a different time of the day it had been arranged on.

If you want to repeat an appointment on a different date with the same services you should selet the "Repeat" option from the actions panel.

Multiple appointments can be arranged on the same time of day. If there are more than one appointment arranged time cell will be divided on appropriate parts.


It was the quick tour on our app. Hope we’ve described everything clear, but if you still have any questions – send us a note. We carefully review your feedback. Good luck working with Tap2Visit!