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Tap2Visit is a universal service designed for regular customers' online appointments in any service sector with any specialist, through the use of any smartphone, tablet or computer.

In a world where information often takes centre-stage, where information has become a third strength, and where the mastery of information has come to be your most important competitive edge, our task is to protect your personal data from becoming available to third parties. This is especially true of a sphere as important and accountable as private business. We will not share the information you provide with anyone. Yes, we do collect the information that you enter in the app, but this is aimed exclusively at improving the work of our service, and certain additional purposes set out below; it will not in any way compromise your confidential data. Further along in this document we will tell you exactly what we collect and why.

Respecting your privacy is a basic principle of our work.

At the same time we would like you to have a clear idea of how your data is used and how you can protect your data privacy

Please take a few minutes to get acquainted with our Privacy Policy, which describes in detail what data we collect, what we do with it, and, most importantly, why.

Overall, we only collect information which allows us to provide you with a service of the highest quality. This allows, in part, for simple steps to be completed, including for example those allowing other users to view your profile, name and picture, according to what you decide to display. This also helps us to protect our service from fraud and spam, and gives us a unique understanding of which additional services could be useful for all purposes set out in the below Policy.

When we refer to "Tap2Visit", "we", "us" or "our," we refer to Tap2Visit LLC. Unless stated otherwise, this Privacy Policy ( "Privacy Policy") applies to all of our applications, services, features, software and website.

Information we collect

Tap2Visit receives or gathers information in the working process towards, and the provision of, our service, including installation, use of, and access to it.

Information provided by you

Information provided in your account. 

  • To create a Tap2Visit account you must supply your mobile phone number.
  • You can add additional information to your account, such as your name and profile photo.
  • To put together a specialist profile and a profile for the entity you use to provide your services through Tap2Visit, you also need to specify your work schedule, the address where you provide services and/or specify that you work remotely or not at a fixed address. For your greater working convenience, you can provide additional information. For example, you can list the services you offer, as well as their duration and the fees you apply.

Information about your contacts

We do not require you to provide access to your contacts. However, if we have access to them, we will make your work within our service far more straightforward. This means that, through access to your phone book, we will keep you updated on who, out of your list of contacts, is already using the service, and as you add your specialists and customers you will not need to enter their information, since all necessary information will already be entered in your phone book.

Information about your geolocation

We do not require you to provide access to your geolocation, but if we have access to this, it will be far easier for you to specify an address for deliver and/or services.

Access to the camera and images

We do not require you to provide access to your camera or images. However, if we do not have access of this kind, we will not be able to allow you to choose from a selection of photos through your camera, or images for your profile, your customers' profiles and/or your specialists' profiles.

Support service

You can provide us with information pertaining to the use of our Services, including a copy of your messages, and your contact information, so that we can provide you with technical support. You can, for example, email us information on the functioning of our application, and other queries.

Information collected automatically

Usage and diagnostics information

We collect diagnostic information, information relating to the services, as well as performance data. This category includes information about your actions (for example, how you use our services, how you interact with other people with their help, and so forth), log files, logs and diagnostics reports, failures and functional characteristics of the Services and the website.

Information about the device and Internet connection

We collect information about devices through which the installation and use of our Service are performed. This category includes information such as the device model, information about the operating system, browser data, the IP-address, and the mobile data network, including the telephone number and device ID. We collect information on the device's location, if you use our location-sharing function, i.e., when you specify your customers' point of receipt or when you specify the meeting point for your specialist appointment.


A cookie is a small data file that is automatically stored on the hard drive of your device when you visit a website. These files may contain information used to record the web sites you visit, but do not contain personal information such as your name, address or credit card information. Tap2Visit uses cookies to enable you to work based upon your personal preferences. Cookies allow our web-service to recognise you when you visit the page again, and grant you access to your personal account information. We may also use cookies to keep track of how our users find us, and to analyse their activity on our web service. This information will only be used for our internal requirements, in order, for example, to determine exactly what aspects of our tool, and our work overall, require improvement. If you do not agree with cookies being stored on your system, you can change your browser settings. Please note that if you disable cookies on your browser or device, it is likely that some of our Services will not function correctly.

Information obtained from third parties

Information about you provided by other people

We receive the information provided by other people, which may contain information about you. For example, when your specialists use our Service, they can provide us with your telephone number, which is stored in the address book of the mobile phone (in the same way as you can make those numbers available), call you or message you.

Information about you provided by third-party organisations

We work with third-party organisations which help us ensure our functionality, provide, complete, analyse, configure, maintain, support and advertise our Service. For example, we work with companies that distribute our applications, provide mapping and background information, analyse the use of our service and carry out marketing activities. In some situations, these companies may provide us with information about you, i.e. app stores may send us reports to diagnose and fix problems.

Third-party services

We allow you to use the service in conjunction with the services of third parties. If you use our service along with third party services, we may collect information about you from these third parties; for example, if you access our service through the link located in an ad for our Service, the link made available through your mobile operator or your device vendor. Remember that third-party services are governed by separate terms of service and Privacy Policies.

Use of information

We may use information collected about you for the following purposes:

  • To provide, maintain and improve our Service, including, for example, the development of new functions, User Support, the building of new means of protection, user authentication, the issuing of updates and service messages.
  • For the fulfilment of internal operations, such as the prevention of fraudulent use and misuse of our Service, resolving software errors and technical glitches, the provision of data analysis, testing and research, as well as the monitoring and analysis of working uses and trends.
  • To send messages, or facilitate communication between Customers and Specialists, such as notifications of their estimated arrival time.
  • To share information, which, in our opinion, may be of interest to you, including information about products, services, promotions, news and events by Tap2Visit and other companies as permitted by, and in accordance with, applicable local legislation; as well as for the running of competitions, raffles or other promotional campaigns, and the awarding of related prizes.
  • To personalise and enhance the Service, i.e., providing or recommending functions, content, social contacts, tips or advertising.

We may share the information described in this Policy, and we may process and store it in countries with data protection laws which may be less stringent than the laws of the country in which you reside. In this case, we will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal data in accordance with this Policy.

Exchange of Information

We may share the information we collect about you, as specified in this Policy, or as specified at the point of collecting and exchanging data, including in ways described below:

Through our Service

We may share your information:

  • With your Specialists, in order for them to provide the services ordered by you. For example, we will supply them with your name, photograph (if you provided one), telephone number, details of the services requested by you as well as the place where services are to be provided, in cases where they are to be provided at your address. This information will provided solely to Specialists who were added by you to your list of Specialists.
  • With your customers, in order for them to book appointments with you. We will, for example, supply your name, photograph (if you provided one), telephone number, a list of your services, their duration and cost (if you have specified these) as well as the location where services will be provided. This information is provided in accordance with your individual privacy settings. You can change these yourself at any time.
  • With third parties, for the provision of services to you which have been ordered through partners or advertising from third parties, or through us.
  • With the general public, if you agree to participate in an open forum, such as, for example, a blog comments section, messages on social media or other functions of our Service which are shared with the general public.
  • With third parties with whom you authorise us to share information; i.e., with other applications or Web sites which are integrated with our API or Service, as well as with applications or web sites with the API or services integrated by us.
  • With your employer and/or Administrator (or equivalent) and any relevant third parties appointed by us or by your employer and/or Administrator, if you are a customer or employee of an organisation that uses our Service. This will also apply if you are a specialist and use the services of an administrator for your services through our service.

Other important exchanges of information

We may share your information:

  • With Tap2Visit subsidiary and affiliated companies providing services or processing data on our behalf, or for the purposes of data centralisation, and/or institutional purposes.
  • With vendors, consultants, marketing partners and other service providers who require access to such information to fulfil tasks on our behalf.
  • In response to a request for information on behalf of competent authorities, if we are satisfied that such data corresponds to, or is required by, any legislation in vigour, legal act or court proceedings.
  • In collaboration with law enforcement authorities, government agencies and other third parties, in order to protect the rights, property or safety of Tap2Visit and other legal persons.
  • In connection with, or in the process of, mergers, company asset acquisitions, consolidations or restructuring, or the financing or acquisition of all or any part of our business by another company.
  • In cases where, for other reasons, following notification from us, you agree to exchange information.
  • In a collective and/or anonymous manner, which does not objectively allow you to be identified.

Tap2Visit international activities

You consent to the implementation of our data processing procedures, including the collection, use, processing and transfer of your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, as well as to the transfer and processing of your information in countries in which facilities, owned or used by us or by service providers and partners, are located, irrespective of the country in which you use our service. You acknowledge that the laws, regulations and standards of the country in which your information is stored may differ from legislation in your country.

Changes to our privacy policy

We may amend and supplement our Privacy Policy. We will notify you of changes to this Privacy Policy as they are made and will amend the "Date last modified", shown in the header of this document. By continuing to use our Service, you confirm your agreement with the new wording of the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with changes made to the Privacy Policy, you must cease to use our service. We recommend that you re-read our Privacy Policy from time to time.

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