Tap2Visit User Manual

«Profile» Tab

Do you want to have a look at your profile and change stuff? You can do it in the ‘Profile” tab. Tap “Profile” and here it is. What can you change here? First of all, you can change your profile photo.  

Tap the icon next to your name and phone number. Tap2Visit will ask you to open your smartphone camera to make a photo or select your very best photo from your photo gallery. If you try to “Make photo” we’ll ask you to grant a permission to access the camera. If you allow, you’ll be able to capture something and crop the photo as you like. If you already have that magnificent photo you want to show the world you should tap “Select from gallery” and crop it. Tap2Visit will ask you to grant access to your photo gallery. Please allow, otherwise you won’t be able to select a photo and upload it to your profile.  

Secondly, you can change the style of notifications. Select “Notifications style” and then “Banner” or “No”. “No” means you won’t see any notifications except those in the “Notifications” section. All of them are kept there. Select the “Notifications” section. All new appointments and specialist approvals and stuff will be here. If you tap any of them, you’ll be redirected to an appropriate screen within the app. Very handy, just try!  

Allow notifications. Turning this flag on or off allows or declines receiving notifications. If you decline receiving notifications when you launch the app for the first time it will be turned off and if you allow it will be turned on.  

There is the “Feedback” section in the profile as well. Do you know how to improve the app? Did you find any bugs or issues? Please tell us! You can write us a couple of words about whatever you like and leave your contact details for us to get in touch. We try to approach all the wishes very carefully and react as soon as possible. We would be grateful for your feedback.  

Do you want to change the language, country or time zone? Select the appropriate section and make changes. They will be applied immediately. Here you can turn the app’s sounds off or on, too.   

Do you  want to discard all changes you’ve made? You can tap the “Discard settings” button and submit your action. Done.  

Well, that’s all for the client mode, let’s continue to the specialist mode. Do you remember there’s an opportunity to set the specialist profile right in the app? You just have to pull the tabbar to the left and the “Specialist Registration Assistant” will be opened. Tabbar is a bar in the bottom side of the screen with tabs, by hitting which you can discover the app’s functionality.